Questions & Answers

What is your service area?
We will service the entire island, but we do charge a $25 travel fee for jobs outside a 20 mile radius.
How much do you charge, and how do I arrange for service?
Some clients desire an immediate cleaning visit. Others prefer receiving a free in home estimate before a cleaning visit is scheduled. For a one-time only House Cleaning, simply inform us how long you would like to have us to clean. If you are interested in recurring service just contact us, we will set up an appointment for a free in-home estimate. The estimate takes approximately 15 minutes. During this time, we will visit each room and explain the task that will be completed; we will answer any questions you have. If you decide to have regular service, you don’t need sign anything. We will work on a bid or hourly rate basis. We’ll take a look at your location and give you a quotation based on the work you’d like performed and how often. Please see our List of Services
How much will it cost?
Please see our List of Services, and you can email or call us for a guestimate.
When do I pay?
Payment is due upon completion. We charge from time of arrival until time of payment. If you are doing a Move-Out estimated at $250 or more, we require a $75 credit card deposit which will be applied to your bill.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule. Please note that deposits will be forfeit unless 24hrs notice is given for any cancellation or reschedule. For recurring cleanings, we need a minimum of 24hrs notice for any cancellation or you will be charged full cleaning price. We would appreciate at least 48 hour cancellation but if less than 24 hours there will be a $75 fee.
PAYMENT OPTIONS for your House Cleaning service:
You have a number of payment options when you use our house cleaning service. We accept cash, checks, money orders, etc. Call our office for info. For your convenience you can also pay for your house cleaning with a major credit card.
How many employees do you send to my home?
Two or three cleaners will be sent, depending on the need.
If you send more people will the cost of the cleaning increase?
No, the cost of the cleaning will not increase. The team will just finish cleaning the home in less time. The cost is the same. The hourly rate on one-time cleaning does not change.
Do you supply cleaning products and equipment?
We bring everything needed to make your home beautiful. If you have a special product or equipment you want used, we will use it.
Do you supply green cleaning products?
Upon request, we use Melaluca products.
What is the difference between an estimate and a quote?
A quote is a set amount. An estimate is a guess, or an approximation of costs. The actual costs may be more or less depending on circumstances encountered onsite.
Will you be on time?
We do our best to arrive within the quoted time. We have found it necessary to give a range in time because outside factors influence our schedule such as traffic or a problem at a previous job.
What happens if you missed cleaning something?
Please call us right away; we want to fix it. If you call within 48hrs of job completion, our policy is to clean any problem areas you find we missed. This is at no cost to you.
Other problems?
Call office immediately for resolution.
Can I trust the employees you send out to my home?
We’re very careful in the selection and hiring of new cleaners. Because we are a family owned cleaning service we guarantee trustworthy employees. They are caring and loyal. We are also insured and bonded.
If I can’t be home during cleaning hours, what I can do?
Many of our customers appreciate coming home to a clean house. They are working people, and they enjoy not being home while our employees are cleaning. Most supply us with a key to their home, key codes or leave a back door open. Please call us to coordinate.
I am off-island. Can you still clean my home if someone meets you with a key?
Do you provide references?
Yes, we will be happy to provide you with references.
What kind of work will you not do?
Removing or installing storm windows, Cleaning the outside of 2nd or 3rd story windows, Running self-cleaning ovens through their cycle, which normally takes longer than the housekeeper is at home, Cleaning the inside curio cases and china cabinets and glass chandeliers, unless released from liability, in writing, Any job the housekeeper feels physically endangered doing.
We love pets, but we need instructions if they are not confined before we arrive.