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Reviews | Apelila’s In&Out Cleaning, LLC.


So I found Apelila’s service on one of those Living Social emails. I then inquired about a move-out cleaning – after all, it takes so much time, energy, and effort to get rid of all of your crap and move across the sea – so I happily booked an appointment to have Apelila’s team clean my one-bedroom apt. for me.

On cleaning day, Apelila’s son showed up with a bazillion cleaning tools and promptly got to work. He was a sweetheart who was very gentle, yet methodical in his cleaning approach. My landlord is very particular about her apartments, but I didn’t have to worry with Apelila’s team working things out. They even heeded my request to use the cleaning products provided by my landlord. About mid-way through the process, Apelila herself showed up to help finish the job.

When all was said and done, the apartment looked gorgeous and clean, and my landlord was happy with the results.

Here’s the best part though. When I paid in cash, I mistakenly overpaid them…by $100! I was frazzled from moving stress and had just sold a bunch of stuff so I had excess cash in my wallet. In my haste to pay them, I gave them one too many bills..and I had not even realized it.

Well, about 30 minutes after they had left, they gave me a call to let me know of my mistake of overpaying. They then drove back through rush hour traffic to deliver my $100 back to me because they knew I was moving to the mainland the next day.

Now that’s amazing service. I heartily recommend this “mom and pop” business.

I can’t say enough about Apelila’s Cleaning. They are punctual and my house never looks so clean as when they leave. The team is courtesy and they work diligently never stopping to chat on cell phones or taking breaks. I would recommend Apelia’s In&Out Cleaning LLC to everyone looking for a cleaning team for their home or business.

I have them come on a regular basis. One more thing I really like is that they have been flexible for me.

Never had a cleaning service as efficient and reliable as Apeliala. They make everything shine and clean. All the floor spotless. Besides being the best cleaning business on Oahu they are friendless. Their attention to detail is precise. They always accommodate my schedule. . If something wasn’t done, they always make sure it is taken care of in a timely manner. I would recommend Apelila to anyone looking for a cleaning service for their home. I have them come to my home every two weeks on an on going basis. I love them !!!

A two-person team came out to clean my little 650 sq ft apartment because I was moving out. $140 for a little more than an hour. They were all business, did a great job. My condo neighbors complained because of the smell, but really, the smell was a sign that my place was getting cleaned. I was especially happy with my bathtub. You know the caulk that goes around the seams? Well, those haven’t been cleaned in a little while and I expected to have to rip it out and recaulk it. Nope, they were able to get it all out! Amazing. And all my stainless fixtures were like new. My stove and hood were sparkling.

They are awesome! April and Tomia are awesome. They always go out of their way to accommodate my wish list. They do a very thorough job. If you’ve posted a bad review, please give them another chance. They’re always so willing to go over and beyond if I feel they need to do something better. They improve as they’re not perfect either. I’ve been with them for almost 5 years and in that time, I’ve probably had to ask them twice to clean something more thorough and they did. They also use whatever products I want so….it’s a win-win. Hope this helps.

Did an excellent job on my old apartment, April was so helpful when it came time to do a move out cleaning! Got the tough stains out and the price was less then I had expected. Highly recommend and I plan to use them again.

The two-man crew showed up and worked exceptionally hard to make sure my apartment was spotless. They were friendly and accommodating and managed to clean all the things that had been troubling me for months. The oven was spotless, the bathtubs were sparkling and all the dust from my trade wind windows was gone.

They have cleaned my house three times, very professional company. Affordable & they pay attention to detail. My house has never been so clean & there service is consistent. I greatly recommend this company.

All I can say is “awesome!” They really worked with me to accommodate my schedule. They showed up on time & went straight to work cleaning my home. I’m so happy with the results! My home is the cleanest it has ever been. Thank you so much. I highly recommend them. True to their word, they were in & out in 1.5 hours. Wonderful!

Thorough, efficient, and very detail-oriented – very reasonable charges. They worked miracles on the apartment we’re moving out of. Our little 650 square foot apartment was trashed after 2 years of neglect – the 3 person team Apelia’s sent did an amazing job. It took quite a bit of work – but they meticulously scrubbed every bit of mineral deposit off of our bathroom mirrors, they vacuumed and cleaned every nook and crevice. 4 hours and $325 later, our apartment looked brand new. Definitely going to call them again for our next move out. Thank you!

I found Apelia’s through a great special on Amazon local. Since then, I have had them visit 5 times. I referred them to my daughter and my neighbor. We are all VERY happy with their service. Once, when they were stuck in traffic, they phoned. They were 5 minutes late. They are efficient, friendly, and punctual. I have been very pleased.

I started using Apelila’s on an Amazon coupon. Just thinking, cause I got it through there that they would not do half a decent job as they should have. Boy, I was surprised. They left my home immaculate. Everything I asked for and more. The cleaners were as professional as could be. They also cleaned things I did not ask for. I thought maybe it might be a fluke. So, I requested them a 2nd time. They did even more than I requested the first time around. I extended the hours the 2nd time and they were able to get to quite a bit more. I have used a couple of cleaners and even though I no longer have Amazon coupons to use for there services, they are worth every penny offered. They leave my home feeling so clean, I thought maybe I could eat off the floor (they get on there hands/knees to clean them). I will definitely be using them in the future for all my cleaning needs.

Much Mahalo to the Apelila Team!

Was really impressed with the results! Our house was a disaster zone, and they came in and made things look new again. They definitely worked their miracles especially the bathroom which we were considering renovating. Our bathroom now looks the way it did when we first moved in. Looking brand new. We kinda let things get away from us, but they came in and with no hesitation went straight at it. Couldn’t be happier with their service. Price was also reasonable. Would definitely hire them again and even suggested them to family.

Not only that but they were also less expensive than anyone else. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else who is moving out and wants to get their whole security deposit back.

I have employed Apelila’s In&Out Cleaning LLC for the past three years. This company is beyond reproach. I have had nothing but outstanding service. Apelila’s is a company I would recommend to anyone who is in need of house cleaning. No job is too big or too small. They are dependable. We have no regrets in hiring Apelila’s and will use no other service.